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Interactive medieval trip
1. Dominican Monastery (1,5 hours)
The tour not only introduces You to the tourist attractions but also immerses You in the medieval life of the town. You will take a walk along the Vene / Russian street (with a Russian market square) and will be introduced to the unique atmosphere of a Latin district. The walk will lead You to the Dominican Monastery. You will meet a monk there, who will tell You a lot of interesting things concerning the convent life. You will visit an old chapel, the library and You will hear a Gregorian chant.
The monks have always been occupied with finding the philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life. The elixir has not been found, but the monk will take pleasure in treating You with the cloistral liqueur.
Thematic trips
2. Tallinn – the knight’s town (underpasses, defensive walls, ramparts and towers) (2 hours)
A walk on the town’s walls with defensive towers and the underpasses.
The Tallinn’s Old Town is unique. Apart from perfectly kept medieval buildings and Orthodox churches, the town’s fortifications also survived throughout the years: the castle, town’s walls with towers and ramparts.
During the tour You will see the town’s walls, climb an outstanding tower with a funny name Keik in de Kök (have a peek in the kitchen), and visit unusual museum of Tallinn – Underpasses. The interesting and unique museum of the town uncovering the underground world of passes and tunnels.
3. Orthodox churches and monasteries of Tallinn (2 hours)
Not less interesting and filled alternative trip during which You will see a different face of the Old Town, which tourists normally don’t have time to see. During these two hours You will see the catholic St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church. If You desire You will visit the chapel of the new Dominican Monastery with the 17th century interior and St. Nicolas Church – the oldest Orthodox church in Tallinn. Holy Spirit Church (entrance), St. Olaf’s Church built by Scandinavian tradesmen, the highest church in the town and whole Eastern Europe Greek Orthodox church (entrance), which became a cultural reserve uniting the East (Orthodox Church) with the West (Catholicism). St Nicolas Monastery which houses the oldest gymnasium in the town founded by the Swedish king Gustav I of Sweden. The Orthodox Church of Transfiguration, the oldest Orthodox church in Estonia.
4. What is Estonia and who are the Estonians? (Ethnographic open-air museum Rocca al Mare) (3 hours)
The Tallinn’s park – open-air museum will shift You for three hours to the Estonian countryside with farmsteads, mills, a tavern, a small Orthodox church and other buildings that were brought here from all over the country, where You can get to know the interiors of farmsteads and peasant’s life. The tavern is run in the traditional way. The appetizing menu offers traditional dishes and drinks.
5. The legends of Tallinn (2 hours)
The walk during which You will hear legends connected with Tallinn, and You will see places where a lot of fairytales and historical movies were shot.
The architecture of the town’s interior
6. The life of a medieval citizen (with the visit in the Town’s Hall) (2 hours)
The tour introduces You to the interiors of the Old Town. During the tour one can see how the citizens of Tallinn lived, visit the houses of merchants, the building of the town’s guilds and the Town Hall.
7. St. Nicolas Orthodox Church – the museum of medieval art (1,5 hours)
St. Nicolas Orthodox Church in which You can see a unique painting in the whole Estonia – The Dance of Death and a silver pantry. During holidays You can also listen to an organ concert.
8. Architectural tour (3 hours by bus)
Wooden, soviet and modern architecture of Tallinn (visit in the view terrace in one of the buildings in the City, the new St. Brigit’s Nunnery, synagogue and new art gallery KUMU)
Tallinn’s history and the historical persons (2-3 hours)
9. Peter the Great and Charles XII (Visit in Peter I house in Kadriorg palace) (2 hours)
10. Dovlatov in Tallinn (2 hours)
11. Baltic courtiers in the history of Russia (visit in the town’s villas) (2 hours)
The gourmet’s tour
12. Drinks and desserts of the Old Town (from 2 to 5 hours)
The tour not only introduces You to the tourist peculiarities, but also immerses You in the town’s life not known to people visiting the town only for a while.
It introduces You to the unique Tallinn’s pub and restaurant culture, and to the Tallinn’s café tradition, with delicacies You will be able to try here – Tallinn’s coffee, marzipan, truffles, hot chocolate and others.
NB! You can also produce Tallinn’s truffle on Your own or form and color a marzipan figure.