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Go to Helsinki for a day! (1 day)
The capital city of Finland, Helsinki, is situated on an island, surrounded from three sides by the Gulf of Finland. It’s a relatively new city. Not many from the architectural monuments are 170 years old. It doesn’t show the flow of time so attractive in any other city.
Helsinki has other virtues. Peculiarities of national history, a unique landscape and high regard for it, are the characteristic features that shape the clear and unique image of the city.
The historical center of Helsinki was built in the second half of the 19th century. It is considered to be the last classicistic architectural ensemble in Europe.
You will see Senate Square with the cathedral (entrance) and the surrounding districts with the public institution situated in them, Orthodox Church of the Assumption (entrance) that created the panorama of the city viewed from the sea (visiting of the Town Market).
It’s not easy to find another city in Europe where the nature would play such an important role, and which relationship with the architecture would be so friendly. The Finn learned to feel the spirit of the granite rocks and the waves precisely and skillfully incorporate them in new buildings. Visitation of the church in the rock Temppelinaukio.
The structure being a UNESCO World Heritage – the sea stronghold on Suomelinna Island, the wooden monuments and open-air museum Seusaari catch tourists’ eye for a reason. The ferries depart from the market square.